Become a contestant


To qualify for our pageant system you must be:

  • Between the ages of 17-30 years.

  • A citizen, resident, or student of the country you would like to represent.

  • Be a woman, or identify as a woman



The fee to participate in the Her Excellency International is $250 USD!


Contestants are encouraged to obtain sponsor donations from families, friends, and local businesses.

Any sponsorship gained in excess of $250 should be used by the contestant to defer the costs of pageant-related expenses.


Your entry fee covers the cost of:

  • International Pageant Registration

  • Crown and Sash

  • Registration Kit

  • Ground Transportation

  • Excursion

How to Register


Apply today to begin your journey to the crown. Upon registration, you will be asked to submit your first installment of $100. Following payment, we will send you pageant documents to sign and return. You will then receive your registration kit which includes your handbook, crown, sash, and gift.