Become a contestant


To qualify for our pageant system you must be:

  • Between the ages of 17-30 years.

  • A citizen, resident, or student of the country you would like to represent.

  • Be a woman, or identify as a woman



The fee to participate in the Her Excellency International is $500!


Contestants are encouraged to obtain sponsor donations from families, friends, and local businesses.

Any sponsorship gained in excess of $500 should be used by the contestant to defer the costs of pageant-related expenses.


Your entry fee covers the cost of:

  • International Pageant Registration

  • Crown and Sash

  • Gift Bag at International Event

  • Ground Transportation to Pageant Events

PLEASE NOTE: Accommodation and travel to the international pageant is the responsibility of the delegate. Hotel discounts and travel assistance services are available upon request. Ground transportation will be provided to pageant events. Delegates are also responsible for acquiring their own attire for the competition. The pageant can recommend partnered vendors.

How to Register


Apply today to begin your journey to the crown. Upon registration, you will be asked to submit your first installment of $150. Following payment, we will send you pageant documents to sign and return. You will then receive your welcome package which includes your handbook, crown, sash and gift.