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Calling all extraordinary women! Her Excellency International is seeking Queens from diverse backgrounds to join our empowering and inclusive pageant community. If you're a trailblazer, a visionary, and a change-maker, this is your opportunity to shine on a global stage.


Saturday, July 1st, 2023

Williamsburg, New York City

2:00pm - 6:00 pm EDT

$25 Online Registration

$50 in-person Registration

During this casting, please be prepared to dress for each area of the competition:

- Personal Interview/Introduction
- Creative/National COSTUME

You are responsible for your hair, make up, shoes,  accessories, and outfits. We recommend arriving with hair and makeup already done, although there will be a small area available for touch ups. 

During the casting, we will be filming each area of competition simultaneously. Be prepared to swiftly change outfits for each segment..

Review the Guidebook to learn more about each area of competition.

At Her Excellency International, we celebrate diversity in all its forms. We believe that true beauty encompasses the richness of different cultures, perspectives, and experiences. We invite women from all walks of life, regardless of ethnicity, race, age, or background, to showcase their unique talents, advocate for important causes, and inspire others.


Join us as we redefine pageantry, breaking down barriers and promoting inclusivity. As a Her Excellency International Queen, you'll have a platform to raise your voice, make a difference, and represent the values of global citizenship and equity.


Don't miss this chance to be part of a supportive community that encourages personal growth, celebrates authenticity, and fosters lifelong connections. Whether you have prior pageant experience or are new to the world of beauty and advocacy, we welcome you to join our movement.


To apply, simply visit our website at [Insert Website URL] and complete the casting call application. We can't wait to learn more about your unique story, passions, and aspirations.


Be the change you want to see in the world. Embrace your power, embrace your diversity, and become a Her Excellency International Queen.


Apply now and let your journey towards empowerment begin!

Casting Call Itinerary:

Time Slot: 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM


2:00 PM - 2:15 PM: Arrival and Registration

Queens arrive at the studio, sign in, and receive their participant titles.
They are directed to the designated changing area.


2:15 PM - 2:30 PM: Welcome and Orientation

All Queens gather in a designated area for a brief welcome and orientation.
The event organizer provides an overview of the casting call process, rules, and expectations.
They also explain the personal interview process and answer any questions from the participants.


2:30 PM - 3:00 PM: Personal Introduction Recording

Queens are divided into smaller groups.
Each group is assigned a designated area where they will record their personal introductions.
Each Queen is given a specific time slot for their recording, allowing for an efficient flow.


3:00 PM - 3:45 PM: Swim/Active Wear Recording

Queens return to the changing area to prepare for the swim/active wear segment.
Again, they are divided into smaller groups and assigned specific time slots for their recordings.
Each group rotates between the changing area and the designated recording area to maintain a smooth process.


3:45 PM - 4:30 PM: Creative/National Costume Recording

Queens change into their creative/national costumes.
The same smaller group rotation system is followed for recording this segment.
Each Queen has their allocated time slot to showcase their creative/national costume.


4:30 PM - 5:15 PM: Evening Gown Recording

Queens change into their evening gowns.
The recording process continues with the same smaller group rotation system.
Each Queen has their allotted time slot to shine in their elegant evening gown.


5:15 PM - 5:45 PM: On-Stage Question Recording

Queens return to the changing area for their final costume change.
They prepare for the on-stage question segment.
Each Queen is given their specific time slot to answer the on-stage question while being recorded.


5:45 PM - 6:00 PM: Wrap-up and Farewell

All participants gather for a closing session.
The event organizer expresses gratitude for their participation and provides any final instructions or announcements.
Queens are thanked for their time and dedication, and they are informed of the next steps in the casting process.

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