ABOUT Her Excellency International


empowers women to celebrate diversity and leadership as global citizens. Our focus is to spread a message of love, positivity, and equity for the global community. Each contestant holds a responsibility to advocate for impactful social change.

Her Excellency International is the only international competition open to all women between the ages of 17-30. Our competition enables women who may have been traditionally excluded from competitions due to marital status, family status, gender identification, or even height. Her Excellency International is focused on the EXCELLENCE all women possess.


Our queens, with the powerful title, HER EXCELLENCY INTERNATIONAL, will serve as ambassadors for global citizenship all across the globe. Our pageant creates opportunities for growth and success by providing an avenue for young women to demonstrate their talents, interests, and intellectual abilities. We encourage all women to showcase their excellence and inspire the globe.

The Excellence in OUR Women

Candace sumpter

Her Excellency International 2020

Inspiring middle school students through dance on a daily basis, Candace "CanDance" Sumpter was appointed Her Excellency International in 201 after her diligent reign with another system. She will be passing the crown in December 2020!

International Director

Heather E.

While competing in various beauty pageant, Heather E. realized she had a passion for curating an environment where women come together to celebrate each other and the communities they serve.


She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Clark Atlanta University and dedicated herself to becoming a Foreign Service Officer. She was a two time U.S. State Department intern, at U.S. Embassy France and then the U.S. Mission to the United Nations. Falling into destitution after graduating college, Heather E. realized her diplomatic dreams were going to be put on hold. Heather E. reluctantly became a substitute teacher, but found a new passion for education. She became a paraprofessional and a Teacher's Aide shortly after.


During this time. Heather E. decided to begin a National pageant franchise of another international pageant. She was unable to settle with the restrictions of both assistant teaching and National pageant inequities. Heather E. became a NYC Teaching Fellow earning her Masters in Education; Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. She expanded her ambitions and launched

Her Excellency International.


As an ENL teacher, she has maintained a productive and interactive learning environment; culminating her diplomatic enthusiasm and passion for education to establish innovative learning experiences for students. Her Excellency International enables her to curate an environment that develops well-rounded leaders and advocate for equity in the global community.


Heather E. is proud to live her passion of diplomacy, pageantry, and education through her very own multifaceted organization.