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about Her Excellency International

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Her Excellency International is an international pageant and social enterprise inclusive of ALL women and those who identify as women. We advocate for global citizenship and equity; sending a message that we are all capable of EXCELLENCE if we are given access to the opportunities we need to thrive. Her Excellency International was established on International Women's Day in 2019 and makes a continued effort to create a culture of global citizenship and equity in the communities we encounter.

The GloCiE Movement

Her Excellency International is a social enterprise and international pageant organization that empowers young women to become advocates for global citizenship and equity. Founded with the belief that all young women have the potential to shape their future, contribute to their communities, and make a positive impact on society, the organization provides a platform for personal growth, community engagement, and professional development.


Open to all women and those who identify as women, Her Excellency International hosts both virtual and in-person events and provides marketing opportunities for local and small businesses. With a mission to empower young women to become advocates for global citizenship and equity, the organization is dedicated to creating a world where all young women have the opportunity to become confident, compassionate, and impactful leaders.

Whether you're a young woman looking to build your skills and make a difference in the world, or a local business looking to connect with a passionate and engaged community, Her Excellency International is the place for you. Join us today and become a part of the movement to shape a better tomorrow!

Inspired by our Queen, Her Excellency International, Bongi Marata, the GloCiE Movement is on the pathway to make beneficial change and create opportunities for those who need it the most. Through partnered and sponsored community-focused events around our guiding interests, we are on a mission to establishing ourselves as more than just a pageant, but a movement. The GloCiE movement involves different kinds of events to meet the needs of the communities served. We work to not only engage in community-based events, but conduct events that give communities tools and resources needed to establish sustainability, even if it is just in a small way. Our events may differ depending on location, but they will all be focused around establishing equity and opportunity for those we are engaged with.

Imagine a world opportune for all...

Global Citizenship





School-Based Events

Partnerships with schools and universities gives us the opportunity to conduct events that provide students with skills they may not have previously had access to. We focus heavily on digital literacy, computational thinking, interdisciplinary learning, STEM, and arts education programs. 

Her Excellency International 2021-2023


Representing Botswana in the inaugural 2021 Her Excellency International virtual pageant, Bongi prevailed to secure the crown as well as the vote for People's Choice. Since 2021, Bongi has been dedicated to being the best ambassador for Global Citizenship and Equity by founding The GloCiE Movement and inspiring us to make a broader effort to accomplishing our goals.


Candace Sumpter

Her Excellency International 


Diamond Thomas

Her Excellency International USA


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